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[MUST READ!] Forum Rules Empty [MUST READ!] Forum Rules

Post by angelrose520 on Mon Jun 23, 2008 10:34 pm

Forum Rules:

1. Read All Rules First Before Asking For Any Help. Use The Search Box To See If Any Of Your Questions Have Already Been Answered.

2. This Is A English Speaking Forum Only! Please Do Not Write In Any Other Language.

3. Use The Search Box Before You Start A New Topic, To See If The Topic Already Exists. Do Not Post The Same Topic More Then One Time.

4. All Duplicate Posts Will Automatically Be Deleted.

5. No Religious Or Political Arguments Are Allowed.

6. No Abusive, Racist, Sexist or Derogatory Remarks/Comments Are Allowed, Especially Towards Other Members. Do Not Use Vulgar and/or Insulting Language. Members Who Fail To Follow These Warnings Will Automatically Be Banned/Deleted From The Forum.

7. If You Have A Problem With Another Member Or A Certain Topic/Post, You Can Report It Or PM The Respective Moderator/Admin To Resolve The Situation.

8. Please Do Not Post & Give Out Any Of Your Personal Information Like Phone Numbers, Home Addresses... etc.

9. Please Respect The Decisions Of The Staff. They Reserve The Right To Edit Or Remove Any Post At Any Time.

10. Users That Violate Or Refuse To Follow Our Forum Rules Will Be Banned And Deleted From The Forum.

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